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Tips for Choosing a Home Care Provider

Written by: 1-800-HOMECARE

August 12, 2011

Many of the elderly prefer to stay at their own home rather than live in a nursing home, skilled nursing facilities or retirement homes. The main purpose of home care services is to help older adults to stay at their own homes as long as they can, rather than being put into care facilities. If you are thinking about getting a home care provider to assist you with your day to day tasks, then it is important that you have a basic understanding of the different factors before deciding on whether or not to give home care services a go.
If you only need minor help and assistance, then getting a home care provider may be one of the best options for you. If you enjoy being independent while still being near your loved ones and friends, you may take into consideration hiring home care service for help. Hiring elder care professionals has many advantages. Home care services for seniors help you maintain independence right at the comfort of your own neighborhood.

How to Find the Right Home Care Services

In your decision to hire a home care provider, it is important that you explore the different options and evaluate the factors of how to get the best home care service for you or for your loved one. It is important that you are open to the idea of getting help from other people too, even if you already have the strongest support from your family and friends. These following tips for hiring home care nurses or home care providers will help you narrow down your senior living choices.

Referral from your Own Friends and Family

Most of the time, the best decision you can make is through the help of your loved ones, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Referrals from your own circle of networks will help you decide and weigh the different pros and cons of living with a home care provider. Since they have first-hand experience with their referrals, you can already gauge through their own experiences whether or not they are capable of providing to your specific needs and if they will fit the standards that you have set.

Ask Help from Other Adult Resources

Most neighborhoods have their own Elder Care or Aging Resource Agencies. These areas are one of the best places to start in your search for the right home care services and providers. You can ask assistance from senior centers to help you by providing their own referrals. If you are interested in hiring a home care provider, you can always consult your doctor or other health care professionals to help you get started with the referral process and procedures.

Full Service Agencies

In hiring a home care provider from a full service agency, be prepared for the high costs. However, the good thing about getting someone from a full service agency is that they already had a background check. Most full service agencies refer licensed practical nurses. These home health agencies are also responsible for the billing and tax issues, so there is a lower risk of having problems related to billing and taxes.

The licensing procedures of full service home care aid agencies can also be easily checked so make sure that you will look into issues such as theft reports made about any agency. Another advantage of hiring a home care provider referred by these home health agencies is that their replacement process is also quick. In situations wherein a home care provider suddenly quits or you do not find them fit for the job, the agency will quickly process a replacement for them.

Independent Providers

Hiring home care providers from independent agencies may have lower costs, but it will require necessary action on your part too. To ensure that you or your loved one is safe, you have to understand that there are rules regarding Social Security and tax requirements before hiring a provider. Independent agencies most often do not require background checks from their referrals, so it is important that before you hire an employee, you should consider identity verification and background checks.

Tips for Hiring a Home Health Care Provider

The first important thing that you should do before you consider an applicant is to set up an interview. Make sure that you interview them personally before bringing them to your home and giving them access. If the referral came from a full service home care aid agencies, it is still important that you meet them personally prior to bringing them with you home. This will ensure that the home care provider referred to you meets the standards and requirements that you have set.

Set up a task plan. In your personal interview with the home care provider, make sure that you both have an understanding of the tasks and chores that he would be responsible for. To further gauge the home care service provider’s experience, you can try asking open-ended questions. This will make you more comfortable in hiring them if they will be able to answer your questions promptly and correctly.

Always check with the different references of a potential home care provider. Do not settle for only one reference. In talking with their references, make sure that you listen carefully to the tone and how they provide the information about the home care provider. Through their experience, you will be able to make the correct decision in whether you need to move on to the next candidate or if they will be the best one for the job.