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5 Ways To Lose Weight And Improve Your Digestion With Mindfulness

5 Ways to Lose Weight and Improve Your Digestion with Mindfulness

Ways to Lose Weight

Eating mindfully is the single most effective way to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. But did you know that it will also get rid of many digestive problems?

One of the reasons for the increase in obesity in the western cultures is people not taking the time to sit and enjoy their meals. They eat on the run, while multitasking or being distracted by life’s many demands.

As psychologist and mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn explains, “For the most part, we eat with great automaticity and little insight into its critical importance for us in sustaining life and also in sustaining health.”

For years, I suffered from chronic excessive gas and stomach aches. I was overweight, and gaining more weight because I was overeating. I wasn’t listening to my body’s signals.

Because I was usually distracted when eating, I often felt overly full after meals. I took various over-the-counter medications to get rid of those sharp gas pains I experienced frequently.

Then I started practicing mindful eating. I only ate when my body was hungry and stopped eating before I was full. And guess what? My digestive problems disappeared! I was able to throw away all those digestive aids and haven’t needed them since.

Many of my post-menopausal clients who have suffered from heartburn, indigestion and worse digestive ailments no longer need prescription drugs or other medications. Once they started eating mindfully, they stopped experiencing those symptoms – and they lost weight!

Five Ways Your Digestion is…

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