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6 Secrets Of Older Women Who Maintain A Healthy Weight

6 Secrets of Older Women Who Maintain a Healthy Weight


Even though diet books continue to reign as best sellers in the publishing industry, they really have nothing to do with staying slim. They are quick fix remedies that work if you strictly adhere to them, but doing so means you will be following someone else’s regimen, not your own.

Who knows your body better than you? To stay slim, it’s all a matter of tuning in and following six very basic principles. Give yourself two points for every habit you practice.

Do Not Diet

Dieting creates an artificial environment that is temporary and restrictive in nature. As humans, it’s natural to want what we think we cannot have. Dieting leads you down the path of sneaking food and feeling guilty. Women who are slim know their body, their appetite and how much to eat.

Eat Regular Meals

To have steady energy and stable blood sugar, it’s important to eat at regular intervals. Slim women know this. One petite woman told me she eats a bowl of oatmeal with nuts, two eggs and sautéed vegetables for breakfast most mornings. She’s a therapist and cultivates a large organic garden and keeps goats for milk. That requires real fuel, not a muffin and coffee in the morning.

Hang Out with Like-Minded People

It’s natural that you spend time with people who have habits like yours. It’s true for hobbies, interests and eating. Look around at your circle of friends. What are their…

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