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6 Ways To Overcome The Betrayal Of The Body After 60

6 Ways to Overcome the Betrayal of the Body After 60

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In my mind and heart I still feel like I can do what I did when I was 30. But it’s just not true. I hung up my tennis shoes a decade ago because the discs in my back are degenerating and they won’t take the pounding anymore. My body has betrayed me.

Occasionally I see a news story about the 70-something woman who is still pushing weights around a gym. Good for her, but my own connective tissue isn’t that thrilled with weights and the indicators are injury and pain.

The physical prowess of youth has receded into the past. I’ve become like the old car that needs time to warm up and can’t be driven as fast or as hard as the newer version.

It’s sad that life recedes from us in this way. Just about the time you get your thinking straight, the body starts to break down. Each winter when I go by the skating rink, I remember gliding across the ice in bliss.

As you know, the bounce back factor from injury is far less than it used to be, and because of that I won’t risk a fall. So, I don’t skate anymore and I miss it. That our physical bodies undergo this change where we are limited is a loss, and it’s one that we should honor before we move on.

This decade of one’s 60s is fraught with so many different types of changes, and the physical changes that happen to us are more pronounced. Here’s a template for how I am negotiating these times and finding new ways to stay physically connected.

Grieve and Honor the Loss

It’s okay to lament that you will never be the active woman that you were in your 20′, 30s and 40s; that the unwelcome weight gain of menopause may never go away. Go ahead and mumble under your breath that getting old is a pain in the yaya.

One of life’s great truths is that everything changes and ends. As our physical body gets older, we have to find new ways to move…

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