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A Kiosk For Living Well Could Be Heading Your Way

A Kiosk for Living Well Could Be Heading Your Way

We all want to stay healthy—but motivation’s in short supply, and anyway, how many of us really know how to prevent or effectively manage the chronic diseases that can challenge us as we get older?

That’s the reasoning behind the Kiosks for Living Well. An initiative of Greater Lynn Senior Services in Massachusetts, the Kiosks let older residents get health-related supports and activities in places where many seniors gather, like libraries, housing complexes and senior centers. And because they’re in social spaces, the kiosks also become social magnets.

Currently the Kiosks operate on the North Shore area of Massachusetts, north of Boston, but the program is on the verge of going national as more and more people learn about the benefits of both technology and face-to-face contact.

Games for Health

The Kiosks offer people the chance to stop by and use large touch-screen programs that make it easy to find health information and manage health issues, along with a slew of virtual experiences—cycling and airplane piloting among them. They also offer Skype for connecting to friends and family, and games like trivia and karaoke, along with memory and coordination games, music and art therapy and a Memory Café that includes hundreds of digital activities designed to help people with dementia.

Kiosks for Living Well don’t replace health centers or the expertise…

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