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Cooking For One: Why Cook At Home If It’s Only Me?

Cooking for One: Why Cook at Home if it’s Only Me?

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Be honest: have you asked the question above to yourself or to a friend? If you have, please go back and read the words. It’s only you? What does that say about your worthiness to be well-nourished?

I get it, I live by myself, too. If you are someone who has cooked for a family or a spouse for many years and find yourself alone, it might seem like a welcome relief. It would be easy to come in from a long day and grab a bunch of chips and a little hummus and tell yourself you’re getting some protein, so what’s the big problem?

But there is a problem on many levels. There is an unconscious, or maybe conscious message here that your nutrition doesn’t matter. Once you start thinking this way, that attitude can filter into other aspects of your life. And this is at the very stage of your life when society can unwittingly diminish you because of your age.

Don’t do it to yourself. Change the script to something like this – “Cooking? Of course, I do! My health and my future depend on it!”

You might respond, “But I hate cooking!” Okay, I hear you. Cooking is not your favorite pastime. So, let’s clear up some of the obstacles that got you to this place of hating cooking.

Cooking for One: Overcoming Obstacles

You may feel cooking is too time consuming and you’re too tired when you get home. As a health coach, all the recipes I share with my followers are can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. That’s usually less time that it would take you to order, stop at a restaurant and bring home a dish filled with less healthy foods than you could make at home in the same time.

You may say, “I hate my kitchen.” If you hate your kitchen, spruce it up. Toss all your ancient spices sitting in the back of the cabinet. Go to a kitchen store like Crate &Barrel or Sur la Table and browse around. Choose a couple of…

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