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How To Get In Shape After 50 In 4 Simple Steps

How to Get in Shape After 50 in 4 Simple Steps


Staying healthy and staying in shape does get harder as we age.

There are so many things going against us. We are bombarded with skinny young women on the front of magazines that sit right at the supermarket counters so there is no escaping the media glare.

Being skinny is not what you should be aiming for if you are overweight, but you most certainly should be aiming at staying healthy and keeping your body in reasonable shape. Basically, if you look after your body, it will look after you well into your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

By following a few simple rules, you will be in the best shape for you! Not what society dictates, but what you want for yourself.

Don’t Diet

I see the word diet as when we intentionally restrict our food intake simply for the sake of weight loss. This is a wrong mentality because it does not work for a long-term solution for weight loss. We are incapable of forcing ourselves to suffer indefinitely (and hence, generally go off the bandwagon about Day 4 of a diet). When the “diet” inevitably fails it usually leads to more weight gain.

You can turn this around with a much better approach of finding healthy habits you enjoy and turning them into regular habits. This allows them to be more sustainable and you more successful in maintaining them.

Yes, you need to eat less and change your diet to lose weight! You did not get overweight for other reasons. If you find yourself considering your change to eating habits as a sacrifice or deprivation then you are on the road to disaster.

One simple tip would be to enjoy mindful eating. When you eat mindfully this helps food to be more satisfying so you tend to eat less with deliberate intention or sacrifice.

One of the reasons I created the Weight Loss Summit is because I had finally solved my own weight gain misery and struggles. The approach I used was different from everything that the dieting industry had made me believe to be true. I knew it was my duty to gather like-minded women and make the right information available.

Changing Habits

Most of our eating habits stem from our unconscious mind. A huge step in changing your habits requires knowledge about what they are, what triggers them and what our brain’s goal is when we do them.

The first step in creating healthy habits it to…

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