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How To Manage Stress At Any Age: Keep Calm And Carry On!

How to Manage Stress at Any Age: Keep Calm and Carry On!


A few years ago, we adopted a sweet Australian Shepherd puppy and named him London. London was a joy most of the time but sometimes he was a complete terror. We worked hard to train him, but from time to time, I found myself yelling. “London, come here!” “London, leave your sister alone!” “London don’t eat that!”

As I watched him play in the yard one morning, splashing in his water bowl, bringing me his monkey to fetch, digging in his favorite hole, I wondered, Why the heck am I yelling so much? He doesn’t seem to care one way or the other and just carries on in his own little world.

Every day we have choices about how to deal with the world and people around us. There are stresses and challenges and things that really tick us off, but we have a choice on how to face them. When I yelled at London, I felt angry, my blood pressure went up, I was frustrated and quite honestly didn’t enjoy the experience of being a dog mommy.

If you want to learn how to manage stress, here are a few suggestions.

Making a Commitment to Be Calm

What if I made a commitment to be calm? Could I get more positive results in his training by staying centered, being firm, establishing rules? Would London and I both have a more positive experience in the same moment where just seconds ago I was out of control and yelling?

London wasn’t doing those things to make me mad. He was a puppy. He was just being true to himself and quite honestly probably not that concerned about how I felt about it. People in our lives behave this way as well. I realized years ago that life is all about perception.

I used to think that the people in my day were purposely doing things to hurt me. The woman in the grocery store was grouchy because she didn’t like me. The job I didn’t get was a direct result of something…

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