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How To Relax And Relieve Stress With Your Very Own Home Retreat

How to Relax and Relieve Stress with Your Very Own Home Retreat

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Going on an organised retreat can be expensive and involve travel. To save both cash and time you can set up a retreat for yourself – and maybe a friend or two – and enjoy a relaxed time of self-nurturing without leaving home.

Retreat can mean a lot of different things. What type appeals to you? A total removal from day-to-day life into silence and solitude? An indulgent and pampering break? A chance to focus on your favourite pastime?

Think about what you hope to gain from your retreat, and how you’d like to feel when it’s over, then start planning.

Let’s talk about how to relax and relieve stress with your very own home retreat.

Where, When and Who?

For all retreats, find a place where you can have undisturbed time and space. If you want to have the retreat at home and you live with others, study their schedules – is there a time when everyone is likely to be out, or away from home for a while?

If that’s not possible, do you have a friend who could lend you some space? Or could you even hire a hotel room or borrow a friend’s cabin or caravan to get away from it all?

A retreat can be any length, from a couple of hours to a week or more. Realistically, a half-day or day of dedicated downtime is a good way to start with your first retreat. If you enjoy it, run another than extends across a weekend.

As for who to involve, the simplest option is to take a retreat by yourself and get a fabulous chance to rest, relax and reflect on life in peace and tranquillity. That said, a retreat for two or more can also be hugely rewarding. Talk the idea over with a few like-minded friends and make sure you’re all looking to achieve the same thing. Then get the diaries out to fix a day!

Preparing Your Retreat

Pre-planning makes all the difference to the success of your retreat, and this is true even if you’re starting with just a couple of hours on your own. Your experience will be more satisfying if it’s well-organised so that you can move easily through the time without having to stop and think about what’s next.

Devise a simple timetable…

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