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Meds And Money: When Will You Need Help?

Meds and Money: When Will You Need Help?

One of the unfortunate realities of aging is that many of us will find it difficult to manage our own affairs someday, often during the later years of retirement.

A study published online in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in April 2017 looked at how people’s functioning in two important areas changed over time: managing their medications and managing their finances.

The researchers started with a group of men and women who were 65 or older in 2002 and who didn’t, at that point, need any help with either their meds or money. It then checked on them at two-year intervals for the next decade, ending in 2012.

By age 69, about 10 percent of the sample reported having trouble with their medications and about 23 percent with their finances. After age 85, the numbers were more alarming: about 38 percent reported having difficulty with their medications and 69 percent with their finances. Women had a higher probability of developing difficulty managing medications and finances than men, the study found.

So what can you do to plan ahead, rather than just hoping it won’t happen…

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