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You Need More Than Calcium Supplements For Healthy Bones

You Need More Than Calcium Supplements for Healthy Bones

Calcium Supplements

As a child, I was always told I needed calcium for strong bones. So, I drank lots of milk and made sure to eat foods rich in this mineral. As an adult, I took calcium supplements. I figured I was doing what I was supposed to be doing from a nutritional standpoint in order to protect my bones.

What I learned later as I matured in age, is that while calcium is an important mineral for good bone health, it can’t do this job alone. It turns out that, like a lot of things in life, protecting our bones and warding off osteoporosis can best be described as a mineral “team sport.”

In addition to calcium, other players include trace minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium. Not having enough of these other minerals may accelerate bone loss after women go through menopause and as people continue to age. That got my attention!

Let’s take a look at some of these other must-have minerals that may not be on your radar for good bone health.

Of course, everyone’s body is different, so please talk with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or using any supplements. Only they can tell you what is right for you!

Zinc and Copper

Zinc and Copper work together to protect our bones and minimize our risk of developing osteoporosis – especially after menopause. They need to be in balance to work best, so it’s important to make sure you check your zinc and copper levels regularly.

This is especially important with zinc since the quantity of zinc in our bones declines with age and especially after menopause (and if you smoke, you are decreasing your zinc levels even more).

Zinc helps keep our bones healthy by supporting bone growth. Without enough of it, our bones can’t maintain themselves. Zinc literally helps hold our bones together by providing the matrix on which calcium is deposited during bone formation.

A good analogy is when you help your grandchildren make sculptures by putting plaster on a wire mesh mold. Imagine trying to do this without enough mesh or with no mesh at all. That’s what happens in our bones without enough zinc.

It’s also necessary for good bone healing and for old bone re-absorption by our bodies, so that there is room for new, stronger bone to form.

If zinc helps create the matrix on which new bone is formed, copper helps ensure that the calcium deposited on this matrix stays put to keep bones strong.

Also, it is critical to the…

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