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6 Surprising Health Benefits To Growing A Garden

6 Surprising Health Benefits to Growing a Garden

We all know by now that we should be increasing the vegetables in our diet. We also know that we can save a ton of money at the grocery store if we grow our own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. But what other benefits are there to gardening, beyond eating what you grow? Here are six surprising reasons to get out into the dirt and perfect your green thumb. (See also: 13 Simple Gardening Skills Anybody Can Master)

1. Fight depression

Gardening may be the key thing to lifting your spirits and battling depression. According to Psychology Today, tending plants can give you a sense of responsibility, provide you with something to nurture, keep you connected to other living things, and help you relax. What’s more, when you exercise by working in the garden, your endorphins rise and your stress levels fall.

2. Cut your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

In a study released by the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease in 2016, researchers found that your risk of Alzheimer’s could be reduced by various physical activities. The study measured the changes in the brain using MRI scans in correlation to increased exercise. It concluded that even low-intensity activities such as walking improved cognitive function by increasing gray matter in the brain. So even though gardening might not be as strenuous as attending a kickboxing…

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