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3 Guided Meditations For Productivity, Sleep And Cravings

3 Guided Meditations for Productivity, Sleep and Cravings

3 Guided Meditations for Productivity, Sleep and Craving Control
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You know you need to exercise your body to improve your health. But what about giving your mind a workout? Or should we say, a cool down. A strong, less-stressed mental state can be just as important to your well-being as bumping up your physical activity, considering research links chronic anxiousness to obesity and sleepless nights. Yet many of us still don’t put tension relief on our priority lists. In fact, one in five Americans say they never do an activity focused on helping them manage stress.

The great news is that exercising your mind doesn’t have to involve anything vigorous. Better yet, all you need to make it happen is a mere five minutes — plus one of these guided meditations.

Why You Need Meditation for Mental Strength

Many studies give meditation the seal of approval — and not just for stress relief. (Though it does provide a serious dose of calm.) Research has shown that a few minutes of mindfulness can enhance your focus, help you make healthier lifestyle choices and even catch better zzz’s. And all of these advantages can help bring down your stress levels.

To help you use meditation to hone in…

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