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6 Simple Swaps For A More Plant Based Lifestyle

6 Simple Swaps For A More Plant-Based Lifestyle

We all know that a plant-based lifestyle is better for our bodies and for the planet. And while it can seem overwhelming at first, the truth is that making the switch to plant-based living can be pretty easy. There are so many fun, delicious, and healthy ways to use plant ingredients in your everyday routine. Don’t believe us? Here are six swaps that will bring you closer to a 100 percent plant-based life. Get ready to be inspired; you’ll feel better about yourself while also reducing your carbon footprint!

1. Use nut milk in your favorite morning rituals.

Photo: Stocksy

If you’re super attached to your morning coffee with milk, we get it. Morning rituals are totally sacred. But there are so many amazing nut milks out there that you’re definitely missing out on if you haven’t tried this simple swap. Invest in an at-home milk steamer and become your own favorite barista.

2. Take a look at your supplements.

This may surprise you, but a lot of supplements and vitamins contain animal…

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