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9 Strawberry Recipes To Enjoy All Summer Long

9 Strawberry Recipes to Enjoy All Summer Long

9 Strawberry Recipes to Enjoy All Summer Long

There’s no fruit that epitomizes summer like strawberries. Juicy and perfectly plump, strawberries infuse refreshing sweetness and a bold red hue to any dish. But there are more reasons we love picking them. The heart-shaped super berry can help increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower blood pressure and fight inflammation. Packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and more, just one berry clocks in 11 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C. (Indeed, eight of them provide more vitamin C than an orange!) That’s why the versatile fruit can be used in everything from salad dressings to lemonade to homemade fruit roll-ups and salsa. So take your pick at these delicious strawberry recipes.

9 Strawberry Recipes That’ll Make Your Summer Sweeter

Strawberry Recipes: Strawberry Dressing Recipe

It only takes five minutes and four ingredients to prep this mouthwatering dressing. In a blender, mix avocado oil, chopped strawberries, honey and white wine vinegar. Because avocado oil may be harder to find and is expensive, you can try another neutral-flavored oil, like grape seed or peanut. This sweet and tangy dressing has a creamy and light texture that’s perfect for softening the bitter taste in leafy greens. Photo and recipe: Tania Sheff / Cooktoria

Strawberry Recipes: Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

Your vegan and dairy-free friends will absolutely love this sweet sorbet recipe. The perfect ending for a hot-weather meal, this recipe can be made in advance so it’s chilled nicely before serving. Chill the berries for an hour and combine them with agave nectar in a food processor. Blast until the texture is smooth and creamy. You can also freeze the mixture in paleta molds for a popsicle that you can enjoy in a glass of sparkling white wine or Prosecco. Bottoms up! Photo and recipe: Gin / Eat Healthy Eat Happy

Strawberry Recipes: Strawberry Oatmeal Bars Recipe

Good morning indeed! Wake up to these 100-calorie fruit bars for a major upgrade from your ho-hum breakfast routine. The old-fashioned rolled oats and white whole-wheat flour in this recipe will give you…

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