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Is Sourdough Bread Really That Much Better For You?

Is sourdough bread really that much better for you?

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Photo: Stocksy/Suzi Marshall

Chances are, you won’t catch your nutritionist at the supermarket buying a loaf of Wonder Bread. In general, bread just isn’t considered all that good for you. (You’ve heard the rumblings about gluten being linked to causing inflammation, right?) But for many, sourdough gets a free pass, or is at least thought of as “not as bad.”

“There are people that have a genuine gluten intolerance, and then I think [there are] a lot of people who think they do. If they ate bread that’s undergone a long sourdough fermentation, they wouldn’t have any problems,” Michael Pollan famously said last year.

“To our great shock and surprise, we found no significant differences between the two breads.”

But what about how sourdough bread affects the body, particularly glucose levels? (After all, sugar is a big reason why…

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