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The Super Seed You Should Be Eating Every Day

The Super Seed You Should Be Eating Every Day

It’s well-accepted in the health world that fat is great for you, but you have to be careful about what types of fat you include in your diet.

While there are a number of whole-food sources of healthy fat like avocado, coconut, and certain fish and meats, one of our favorite sources is hemp hearts. Hemp hearts, sometimes referred to as hulled hemp seeds, are the seed of the hemp plant. No, they won’t get you high, but they will give you tons of anti-inflammatory omega-3s, in addition to all 10 amino acids (making them, like meat, a complete protein source). Additionally, hemp hearts have 10g of complete protein per 3 tablespoons (flaxseed and chia, in comparison, each has 5g of incomplete protein per 3 tablespoons—and neither are as good of a source of omega-3s).

Hemp hearts are also unbelievably versatile. You can use them to make crispy breading for vegetables and protein (we love this hormone-balancing hemp-crusted salmon), or simply toss a few tablespoons into your morning smoothie (it makes it super thick and creamy, too!). Hemp hearts are also…

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