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Up Your Protein Game With This 10 Minute Spicy Vegan Taco Recipe

Up your protein game with this 10-minute spicy vegan taco recipe

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Photo: Nasoya

Chloe Coscarelli may have built her reputation on cupcakes, tempeh burgers, and sweet potato fries (there’s not a line out the door of By Chloe—the vegan chain she co-founded, before recently exiting—for nothing), but there’s another food staple she’s just as obsessed with: tacos. “They’re definitely one of my go-to lunches,” admits the plant-based chef.

As a vegan, Coscarelli isn’t about to fill her taco with chicken or steak—she has another go-to on hand for protein: One of her favorite ingredients is tofu, the OG vegan staple. Not only is it often her tortilla filling of choice, but she also turns to it when she’s looking to punch up her dishes with something other than guac. (Because not everyone can stomach avocados all the time.)

“I use it to make creamy sauces by throwing it in the blender. Some people get intimidated by making cream sauces with nuts, but tofu is really easy to work with,” she says.

Here, Coscarelli puts the soy-based specialty to work as a spicy crema. Paired with mango salsa, it all adds up to a summer meal that’s sweet with a kick. Chipotle, are you taking notes?

Scroll down for Chloe Coscarelli’s favorite tofu…

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