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Why Your Adrenals Might Be Messed Up (And Exactly What To Eat — And Avoid — To Fix Them)

Why Your Adrenals Might Be Messed Up (And Exactly What To Eat — And Avoid — To Fix Them)

Unless you’re living on a pure Himalayan mountaintop and meditating as a part-time job, there’s a high likelihood that your adrenals are overtaxed. Adrenal fatigue is less of a concrete illness and more of a sliding scale, with many people outside the optimal ranges.

Most of us live in concrete jungles replete with noise pollution, nasty chemicals in consumer products, overbooked schedules, and even pharmaceutical compounds in our drinking water. These and plenty of other health saboteurs make it that much more difficult to keep our biomarkers in check.

The following tips will benefit your health regardless, but it’d be wise to get tested to check the status of your adrenals, inflammation, and other biomarkers through a functional medicine or licensed health care provider.

No need to become Bubble Boy (or Gal). Let’s just take some practical measures and add a bit of diligence to your daily routine to reclaim your health, energy, libido, mood, and overall livelihood.

Ditch these foods like your health depends on it.

Aside from getting adequate sleep, adrenal healing mostly requires nourishing your body with the right foods and eliminating the rest. Ditch the top three inflammatory foods: wheat/gluten, dairy, and sugar (isolated/refined). If you’re even a moderate consumer of these foods, you’ll likely notice a big reduction in pain, increased weight loss, and mood improvements upon elimination.

Look next at your average carb intake. Slowly reduce your carbs to about 85 to 95 grams/day. Everyone has their own carb-intake threshold, particularly if you’re an active fitness machine, so play around with what works best for you. The worst carbs are from wheat, rye, barley, sourdough (all contain gluten and gliadin), sugar, alcohol, potatoes, and other grains like corn and rice.

The third step is to limit your coffee and caffeine intake, as caffeine is yet another adrenal stressor.

Try replacing it with something much easier on your adrenal glands like matcha tea. The…

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