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14 Creative Chia Seed Recipes To Try Now

14 Creative Chia Seed Recipes to Try Now

Whether they’re blended into breakfasts, crunch-ifying lunch, or baked into desserts, chia seeds make a delicious and nutritious addition to just about any meal. Many of the chia seed recipes below start with what’s called a “chia gel” or “chia pudding.” Meaning: When chia seeds are left to sit in a liquid, they absorb some of it. Then, soak the chia seeds in it until thickened. Photo and recipe: Tieghan / Half Baked Harvest Almond flour, tapioca flour and flaxseed meal come together to make the base of this moist, gluten-free breakfast-friendly cake. Banana and eggs help to bind everything together, and vanilla extract, coconut milk, honey and coconut oil add to the naturally sweet flavor. Top with a bit of butter for breakfast, or add a dollop of cream cheese frosting to make it a healthier dessert option. Top the mixture with a spoonful of Raspberry Chia Seed Jam, bake and enjoy this slightly sweet and fruity treat. Chia Breakfast Pudding Soak chia seeds in vanilla almond milk the night before to create the base for this nutritious breakfast bowl. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner — it will keep you satisfied any time of day. The recipe is pretty simple to assemble — just combine ground chia seeds, coconut milk, coconut butter, cacao powder and sweeteners.