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Hey, Baby Boomers — Summer Camp Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore

Hey, baby boomers — summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore

Courtesy Amy Temperley/Aging Is Cool Linda Levy jumped at the opportunity to attend Camp Meraki near Austin, Texas. As a kid she went to summer camp every year and later she worked as a camp nurse at multiple camps. The program, which was run by Aging Is Cool, an Austin, Texas-based group that organizes social and physical activities for retirees, was like the summer camps she attended as a kid in many ways. “Half of our elder campers were campers here back in the days of black-and-white photographs,” Brock said. “So we had a built-in audience of adults who wanted to come to camp.” Some of these summer camp programs targeting older adults are run by kid’s camps in conjunction with their youth programming, but others are organized by senior groups across the country during less busy times of the year. Aging Is Cool held its first session of Camp Meraki this summer for people over the age of 60. “We’ve just been overwhelmed by people reaching out and asking when they can come to camp,” Temperley said. Attending summer camp later in life isn’t just about participating in childhood activities. For Gloria Lloyd, a retired public school teacher who attended Camp Ocoee with Boomers Together, going to summer camp was also an opportunity to cross an item off her bucket list. The opportunity to make new friends especially rang true for Levy, who recently moved to Texas to be closer to family.