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Surgery For Vertebral Compression Fractures

Surgery for Vertebral Compression Fractures

Surgery for Vertebral Compression Fractures. When symptoms from a vertebral fracture are severe, rest and pain medication are recommended. In most cases, the pain associated with vertebral fractures resolves over time with conservative measures. In cases that do not get better with these therapies, surgery may be recommended. Surgical techniques used to treat vertebral compression fractures include percutaneous vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, and spinal fusion. The procedure involves injecting a special cement (polymethylmethacrylate) into both sides of the fractured vertebra. Some evidence suggests that percutaneous vertebroplasty may be no better than placebo for pain relief. In 2010, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons issued a guideline recommending that the procedure not be used to treat spinal compression fractures. As with vertebroplasty, possible complications of kyphoplasty include soft-tissue damage and nerve-root pain and compression. Read more about common causes of back pain and how to treat them.