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How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Really Need?

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

It Is Fundamental to Good Health Sleep is more than just a time for your body and mind to rest. In fact, being sleep deprived for just one night can increase your emotional response to negative feelings by 60% (2). Unfortunately, not getting enough good-quality sleep can cause much more harm than simply feeling tired. Summary: Not getting enough sleep is linked to many negative effects, including impaired focus and decision making and a higher risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Genetic Makeup Genetics is another determinant of how many hours of sleep you need per night. Certain genetic mutations can affect how long you need to sleep, at what time of day you prefer to sleep and how you respond to sleep deprivation (15). Sleep Quality The quality of your sleep can also impact how much you need. If your sleep quality is poor, you may find that you still feel tired after getting what should be considered enough. Habits like minimizing caffeine and sleeping at regular hours can help. However, for most adults, 7–9 hours per night is the ideal amount.