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Aging Out Of Place In Boquete, Panama

Aging Out of Place in Boquete, Panama

Aging Out of Place in Boquete, Panama. I was looking for a place that was inexpensive, welcoming to Americans and easy to travel back and forth to from the US.. I’m not pleased with the U.S. government. The Panamanian people are friendly and polite. Why Boquete? I’m living in an apartment under the terrace of a big house, which is standard. There are lots of volunteer groups in the community of Boquete, and not just among expats. Whereas in the States everyone’s busy doing their own thing, the expat community here is close-knit. What’s the best thing about living here? There are also private Panamanian insurance plans from $400 that cover serious conditions. International Living calls it the best place in world to retire, and Boquete the best place in Panama.