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6 Secrets Of Older Women Who Maintain A Healthy Weight

6 Secrets of Older Women Who Maintain a Healthy Weight

Do Not Diet Dieting creates an artificial environment that is temporary and restrictive in nature. Women who are slim know their body, their appetite and how much to eat. Slim women know this. What are their habits? Slim women live and eat like their habits matter, and they do. They don’t stick to rigid diets, but they do put quality foods with occasional treats on their plates. Eat Vegetables It’s a well-established fact that vegetables provide essential nutrients that support health. Cook Your Food Cooking your own food (or having someone who cooks for you) is the best way to ensure that the food is fresh and not bolstered with additives and preservatives. It’s a habit that was an intrinsic part of past generations, but in today’s hectic life and with the presence of restaurants on nearly every corner, eating at home is a habit that needs to be resurrected if you want to support long term health. Have you maintained a healthy weight up into your 60s and beyond?
7 Easy Frittatas You Can Whip Up With 4 Ingredients

7 Easy Frittatas You Can Whip Up With 4 Ingredients

7 Easy Frittatas You Can Whip Up With 4 Ingredients. Breakfast is easily the hardest meal of the day to make time for. So there's no reason not to make #breakfastgoals a weekday achievement. Get in a serving of veggies first thing in the a.m. and feel like a champ all day. This savory frittata is made with smoky Gouda, asparagus, and peas; throw it all in a baking pan and cook for 20 minutes while you get ready. Made with eggs, chicken sausage, and bell peppers, these muffins are cheese free and Paleo-friendly. This cheesy frittata takes slightly more time if you want to caramelize the onions, but you could also just cook 'em up normally to save some precious morning minutes. Pick just one cheese—mozzarella or goat—to make it truly four ingredient. Cook leeks and mushrooms in a pan, add scrambled eggs, and bake. This recipe is so easy, you could add cheese or another veggie to it and still make the four-ingredient mark.