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How To Make The Healthiest Brownie Ever

How to make the healthiest brownie ever

Pin It Pana Barbounis’s treats are really, really pretty. But the Australian pastry chef’s ice cream pops, brownies, and various tributes to chocolate-y goodness contain a surprising secret: they’re all sugar-free. With Pana Chocolate, his raw chocolate brand, Barbounis remakes classic desserts using good-for-you ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, amino acHow to make the healthiest brownie everids, vitamins, and minerals. “We know refined sugar is really not good for us,” admits Barbounis, “so moving away from it was an easy choice.” Instead, he sticks to natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, coconut nectar, and maple syrup. And sugar-free is just the beginning. When Barbounis says he’s making chocolate for everyone, he means it. “People try it, and then they realize: ‘Wow, it’s gluten-free! Wow, it’s dairy-free! Wow, it’s soy-free! But Barbounis’s new cookbook.