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About 1-800-HOMECARE™

At 1-800-HOMECARE™, we want you to have access to your local home care providers and up to date information about home care. We believe that the right and ability to remain in your home is extremely important. If home is where the heart is, then you should be able to stay there while receiving good care. Home care isn’t for everyone, but it may be the right choice for you or your loved one.

We are one of the nation’s leading resources for both home care information and access to home care providers. We work with partners across the nation so we can always put you in touch with a provider in your area.

At 1-800-HOMECARE™, we are not just here to help patients and providers. Our service extends to the many children of the elderly who are overworked caring for their parents, are overwhelmed by the cost of nursing homes, or are fearful of removing their parents from the comfort of home to a hospital or other facility. Home care supports both the patients and their families, and so do we.

Our members include a mixture of private companies, non-profits, and hospitals so we can provide you with quality care, as well as offer a number of choices so you can pick the provider best suited for you or your loved ones’ needs. See for yourself and dial 1-800-HOMECARE™ today.