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Our Mission at 1-800-HomeCare™

Our mission is to connect patients with providers. For the past two decades, we have fulfilled this mission and connected countless patients with local home care agencies. In today’s evolving economy, we work to ensure this basic principle, to help people find care, remains the integral focus of our work. Our directory of home care agencies is one of the largest in the nation, giving you the power to choose which agency is right for your needs.

Our Job and Your Care.

We are one of the nation’s leading sources for both home care information and access to home care providers. We work with partners across the nation so we can always put you in touch with a provider in your area.

At 1-800-HOMECARE™, we are not just here to help patients and providers. Our service extends to the many children of the elderly who are overworked trying to care for their parents, are overwhelmed by the cost of nursing homes, or are fearful of removing their parents from the comfort of home to a hospital or other facility. Home care supports both the patients and their families, and so do we.

44+ States
800+ Cities
7,000+ Phone Calls Per Month
Countless Connections Spanning Two Decades

Our story starts with personal experience.

Founder and CEO Gregg Hamerschlag started his own home care business in the 1990’s after his experience with in-home care for his own father. He appreciated the care and compassion shown by his father’s caregivers, and he instantly knew this was a business in which he wanted a part.

As a new business owner, Hamerschlag looked for original ways to get the word out about his services. He reserved the 1-800-HOMECARE phone number to make it easy for patients and their families to connect with his business. What he did not realize then, but soon found out, was that the number would prove more powerful than he had expected. Within a short time, 1-800-HOMECARE helped Hamerschlag double the number of patients his business served.

Combined with skilled, compassionate care, the phone number proved itself to be a tremendous asset in helping patients find and connect with a local home care agency. Hamerschlag knew this tool was too valuable to use for just one company in one geographic area, so he founded today’s 1-800-HOMECARE™.

Combined with skilled, compassionate care, the phone number proved itself to be a tremendous asset in helping patients find and connect with a local home care agency.

Our mission is to connect patients with home care and home health agencies. In the years since our founding, we have developed a national footprint and have helped many thousands to find care.

In the years since our founding as a separate brand, we have connected countless patients with local agencies. As the Baby Boomer generation enters full retirement, the demands placed on the industry are increasing at an astounding rate. That’s why we also help to connect job seekers with agencies. Home care agencies in certain parts of the country struggle to find enough staff to meet the needs of their patients. 1-800-HOMECARE is here to help.

AideFinder is our new provider search tool. The intent behind the website is to allow patients visibility into all the different agencies in their area. We help to facilitate better decision making in this delicate and crucial process. Moreover, the website allows providers to list their caregivers on the site to give even more visibility and create more transparency into their agency. For patients, this is a major step forward in building trust with the agencies they choose.