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10 Popular African American Women That Have Defied Aging

10 Popular African-American Women That Have Defied Aging

By Faith Onimiya—

Aging can be a cause for concern for mature women. The fear that comes with aging is a leading cause of anxiety. So many questions that need urgent answers, like; how will my face change? How will my body look? How will my skin adjust?

Ever heard the phrase “black don’t crack?” Well, for these African-American women, aging is just a faraway concept in ‘Never-land’. So get inspired and send fear running!

1. Michelle Obama

At 53 and after 8 years in the White House as the First Lady, inspiring women and young girls across America, Michelle stays fabulous no matter the occasion. She has managed to keep that gorgeous glow regardless of the presidential stress and duties while remaining a loving mother and wife.

Credit: Google Images

2. Phylicia Rashad

Remember Mrs. Huxtable from The Cosby Show? Well here she is at 68 looking as graceful as ever. Phylicia has remained young and beautiful over the years looking amazing with little or no effort at all. She is the definition of age-defying and looking stress free.

Credit: Google Images

3. Diahann Carroll

It is incredible to believe that Diahann is 81 just by her looks when she does not look a day over 40. She made history by being the first black woman to star in her own Tv show Julia and has been a major inspiration for Barbie dolls. As a breast cancer survivor and activist, Diahann continues to exude elegance and grace anywhere she goes.

Credit: Google Images

4. Diana Ross

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