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Skin Spots: What Is A Dermatofibroma?

Skin Spots: What Is a Dermatofibroma?

Most adults have a variety of lesions on their skin—from bumps to spots, skin tags, cysts, and warts. Most are nothing to worry about, like dermatofibromas, which typically appear on the arms and legs.

Skin-colored, pink, or brown, these firm nodules feel like marbles and are usually between a tenth of an inch and a half inch in size (although they can sometimes grow to over an inch).

Dermatofibromas may “dimple” when pinched, and they feel like they are attached to underlying tissue when you try to move them. They usually don’t cause any symptoms, but they can sometimes be itchy. They can develop after an insect bite or injury to the area in question, or they can…

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