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Want A Healthy Aging Cure With No Side Effects? Try Meditation!

Want a Healthy Aging Cure with no Side Effects? Try Meditation!

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My 60th year has been the busiest of my life. Before it’s over, I will have moved twice, put the heat to a back-burner passion, refreshed important friendships, picked up a new musical instrument and increased my income by improving my habits.

It didn’t start off to be a year of self-improvement, but when I decided I wanted to live to be 100, I knew it was time to get busy. I think a lot of us make important decisions and go through changes on big birthdays.

I credit one new habit with having the best influence on me this year. I’ve started meditating. Here’s how it all came about for me.

Stress Attacks from the Inside Out

If selling a home of 26 years wasn’t enough, we had already started building another home and moved to a third location where we would live during construction. Perhaps most taxing: I am the realtor, and the most demanding client ever is my husband. After 90 days on the market, he was stressing us both out.

A much younger, very with-it realtor found our buyer. She sensed my stress. “You should try meditation,” she said. Sure, I thought to myself. There’s not enough time in a day as it is.

A few days later, I end up in the doctor’s office with a miserable rash on my right arm and down my right side. I fear it’s shingles.

That same morning, I’m packing to go out-of-state for a family wedding. More problematic than hiding this rash in my new sleeveless dress, is that shingles is a no-no around my pregnant niece and the adorable young children I can’t wait to see in person rather than on Instagram.

It wasn’t shingles, though I learned stress can aggravate the shingles virus. My doctor diagnosed my ugly, itchy skin as a stress reaction. She prescribed Prednisone and suggested meditation. “Meditate any way you want,” she said. “Just learn to calm your mind.”

Meditation Cures Many Ills

More than 3,000 scientific studies have proven the benefits of…

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