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This Is Why The Midwest Will Be The Hottest Retirement Destination

This is why the Midwest will be the hottest retirement destination

A Saturday walk in the Old Market neighborhood of Omaha.

See ya, Florida.

Nebraska is the most attractive state for retirees, according to a recent report from LPL Financial, which looked at each U.S. state as a retirement destination. The Retirement Environment Index uses a combination of public data related to health, finance, housing, employment, education, community and quality of life indicators to evaluate and rank states based on their attractiveness to the pre-retiree cohort. The index is weighted to prioritize finances over other indicators. Financial stability and improved quality of life indicators helped push the cornhusker state to the top spot.

LPL Financial also provides a grade for each state based on their index score. Only 10% of states received an ‘A’ grade and 40% of states…

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