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Feeling Burnt Out? 6 Ways To Treat Yourself Right Now

Feeling Burnt Out? 6 Ways To Treat Yourself Right Now

Going into this year, I declared 2017 the “year of self-care.” I loved everything about 2016 from the struggles to the successes and everything in between, but by the end of December, your girl was feeling a bit exhausted.

I spent all of 2016 building my brand and business to where it is today and didn’t really worry about taking care of myself as much as I should have. Sure, I worked out a few days a week and ate organic, non-GMO foods and all that jazz, but was that really enough?

So I wanted to start “treating myself” each day so I wouldn’t get burnt out. This doesn’t mean I get massages after lunch and manicures before dinner with friends (although that does sound really nice…). It simply means I take time out of each day to treat myself to something that may seem silly but brings extra happiness into my day. Above all else, it feels good to know I am treating my mind and body well.

These are the six things I try to do each and every day to treat myself a bit more and give myself a little extra self-care and love when I can:

1. Go for a walk in the morning.

Yes, some may view rest or sitting down as the “real” form of self-care, but as someone who works from home in a tight space, my morning walk is my favorite way to start the day. After breakfast each morning I head outside and walk along the water. I listen to a favorite podcast, call my mom…

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