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Five Ways To Explore And How It Can Improve Your Health

Five Ways To Explore And How It Can Improve Your Health

Happy Friday guys! Today I’m continuing the NS Lifestyle series (we’ve almost covered all of the “Health Hexagon”!) by sharing the last pillar of health according to NS – Explore. What do I mean by explore? Remember when you were a kid and let your imagination go wild? Engage in activities as an adult that bring out the natural explorer within you – traveling, coloring, playing outside, etc.

To catch you up to speed in case you missed it, the NS lifestyle is based on 10 areas of wellness that I think are vital to a balanced wellbeing. The first six are foundational and vital to feeling balanced and living whole, and the other four are supportive pillars that enhance your health once the first six are on lock. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared the story about these little triangles I designed to represent the NS Health Hexagon + Lifestyle. This was a vision board-like activity to help me put images and symbols to things I wanted to “manifest” in life from colors, words, feelings, etc. This is just an example of what manifesting may look like. Quick recap of what they are:

♦ 01. SQUAD ♦ 02. STRESS ♦ 03. BODY ♦ 04. NOURISHMENT ♦ 05. LOVE ♦ 06. SLEEP ♦ 07. EXPLORE ♦ 08. CENTER ♦ 09. MANIFEST ♦ 10. NATURE

The Nutrition Stripped Lifestyle Series: 02 Stress

SO, why is exploring so important to a balanced wellbeing? Exploring expands our worldview, promotes happiness and joy, and allows ways to practice self care. I get that it’s not always easy or accessible to travel often, so while travel is a huge source of exploration, it isn’t the only way to experience something new! Keep reading for 5 easy ways to bring out the explorer in you.

No. 01

Explore a new city

What’s more exciting and new than immersing yourself in a new city, environment, culture, etc.? Traveling gives you the opportunity to learn so many new things about the world and about yourself! NS tip: Travel and a new place can be tough on your schedule and body. I like to bring along comforts of home to make it easier like a travel blender, my fave pillow, scents like lavender or palo santo, and my favorite teas like Traditional Medicinals’ Green Tea Peppermint (bonus: peppermint is soothing for belly and alleviating discomfort in the digestive system especially when you’re traveling*) Whether you’re staying in a hotel, a shared home, hostel, or whatever, bringing along things that help you stick to your diet and schedule and bring relaxation are super helpful…

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