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How To Cook With Summer Vegetables

How to Cook with Summer Vegetables

How to Cook with Summer Vegetables

Summer is here, literally (!), which means the sun is beaming, weekends are spent poolside, refreshing drinks are in hand, and my favorite of all, summer fruits and vegetables are at their peak! I’ve shared a bit about CSAs before, and one in particular that I get during this time of year is from my farming friends at Bloomsbury Farm. It’s really great to utilize in season produce when you can. Today I want to shine some light on how to cook and use summer vegetables so you can navigate it simply this season!

How to Cook with Summer Vegetables

First things first, if you want a primer on what fruits and vegetables are in season in your region, I created some “produce guides” years ago here! Why eat seasonal? Eating seasonally ensures peak nutrition because you’re quite literally getting produce picked fresh with minimal time from farm to your market to your kitchen. More importantly, it’s about supporting your local community, the farmers, and all their hard work in feeding communities through their passions of growing healthy foods. It’s a win-win. With CSAs in particular, you’re able to support your local farms and pick up fresh produce on a weekly basis right from the farm! It’s a great way to challenge you and your family to get creative in the kitchen by trying new whole foods, making new recipes, and getting to know what grows seasonally in your region. Here’s a quick primer on ways you can use seasonal vegetables this summer:


Did you know there are some foods that retain best nutrition when eaten raw? The same goes for some foods that are better when cooked! When the weather is hot in spring and summer, it’s a great time to be creative with raw recipes from smoothies, raw desserts, salads, dips, and even soup that are cooling and easy to make.

How To Cook Summer Produce | Nutrition Stripped

(nutrition) stripped: vitamin C, B vitamins, and some minerals like magnesium and potassium are heat-sensitive, meaning those vitamins/minerals will decrease when cooked. It’s a great reason to try eating summer foods raw – try raw cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, asparagus, and blueberries. This doesn’t…

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